Wednesday, July 12, 2017


We at STAPLE! are pleased to advocate for the Kickstarter for WE’RE STILL HERE. WE’RE STILL HERE is a comics anthology edited by longtime Friend of STAPLE! and former Rocksalt Magazine coeditor Jeanne Thornton, along with Tara Madison Avery, the publisher of Stacked Deck Press and coeditor of the Lambda-nominated ALPHABET anthology of comics by queer creators.
WE’RE STILL HERE features fifty-five stories, most of them appearing here for the first time, and all entirely by transgender writers and artists. Surprisingly, it’s the first anthology of its kind. Kickstarter funds will be used to print it and to pay the artists a reasonable page rate.
Stacked Deck Press is offering good rewards with this project, including a set of gender “merit badges,” tote bags, and a Transgender Heroes coloring book. There are also early bird deals within the project’s first week. Jeanne and Tara are looking to raise $17,000 total, and the Kickstarter will run through August 18.
More information, including sample art, is available here:

(Also, exclusively for STAPLE! attendees: copies of the project’s ashcan, signed by Jeanne, will be available from her table at the September 2017 STAPLE!—just come by with proof that you’ve pledged in order to get one.)