Thursday, March 20, 2008


Frank A. Rincon, co-host of Half Hour Wasted (a weekly 30 minute podcast about comic books, movies, TV and more), made the trek down from Dallas to interview various and sundry exhibitors at the show, as well as yours truly, Uncle Staple. Check out episodes 59 and 61 to hear it all.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fiction Circus Interviews Uncle Staple? CUNNING SLIME!

Relax, everyone. HE DOES NOT NAME NAMES.

A permanent link!

He does, however, offer a very important challenge at the end that I think everyone needs to think about, and one important person needs to answer.

(maybe YOU)

-- Miracle Jones

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More pics, even!

Colleen AF Venable, creator of the wonderful Fluff in Brooklyn captured these images over STAPLE! weekend:

Rob Perez rolled up from San Antonio, where he puts together ARTSLAM!, an awesome ongoing live art event. He made a slideshow, password is dbhguest.

Rob picked up the totally bitchin' Eric Powell piece at the afterparty:


I'm totally jealous, but am glad it went to a good home. The slideshow shows different points in the "making of" process. Very cool.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

STAPLE! '08 Photos

Whew! What a weekend. I had a real blast down in Austin and I want to thank all the people that came by and picked up some of my books. I will certainly be back next year. I was really busy with my table, but I did get a chance to take some pics. Here's a few from my Flickr gallery:

STAPLE! 2008 Comic Con, Austin, TX STAPLE! 2008 Comic Con, Austin, TX STAPLE! 2008 Comic Con, Austin, TX STAPLE! 2008 Comic Con, Austin, TX

You can see my full STAPLE! '08 Flickr gallery here.

See you all next year!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Uncle Staple's Wrap Up

Hey everbody! Sorry to take so long to post but I'm still recup'ing from the weekend.

Wow! STAPLE! 2008! What an awesome show it was. Thanks to our guests, exhibitors, volunteers, attendees, good folks at the Monarch and everyone else who helped to make it so.

The final attendance figure this year was close to 700 people, nearly a 50% increase from last year! My buddy David Martindale (aka D3) of photography got a great crowd shot from the old projection booth.

Packed! He took a lot more pics too, which tended to be mostly of cute girls. As always there are more good looking people at STAPLE! than any other comics related event in the country. I will stand by this statement!

Lot of press and write-ups about the show cropping up:

The TV was there! The TV!!!

All of our awesome webcomics panelists have posted reports:

And Texas Geek TV got video of the panel!

A couple more flikr sets here:

And what I think is my fave wrap-up of all so far, by exhibitor Santanu Rahman of Austin Kung Fu Acadamey:

I challenge anyone else to try and top that!

I got some pics myself but they are all on this old-timey disposable camera I picked up at ye olde antique shoppe (aka Walgreen's) and I need to send off to the museum to get them developerated. Should have them back by next year - hope that I will see you then!

Uncle Staple

STAPLE! Flickr Sets

It was wonderful seeing everyone this past weekend! I thought I'd share my Flickr sets from this year and years past in case anyone enjoys memories.

STAPLE! 2008
STAPLE! 2007
STAPLE! 2006


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And a few more photos…


We wound up a bit too busy to take a lot of photos, but we've got a few at our Flickr stream. Had a great time representing 7000 BC at STAPLE! — got to meet a bunch of terrific folks, and we're looking forward to next year. Thanks to Uncle Staple and all the organizers for putting together such a wonderful event.

STAPLE! Pictures

Posted my photos as well. It was a great time in a great and beautiful city. We really hope to be able to make it back next year. Thanks to everyone who dropped by the table over the weekend. And thanks to Tom for getting us on the artist list for the live art show, it was a blast.

STAPLE! 2008 STAPLE! 2008

More FLICKR from Staple!

Hop in the way-back machine for some more pictures from our favorite show in times past!

2008 at the Monarch Convention Center

2007 at the Red Oak Ballroom

2006 at the Red Oak Ballroom

2005 at the Elks Lodge

If you've got any photos on Flickr or other photo-logs, Manton recommends you tag your photos from the show with useful things like "staple" and "austin" so we can find 'em.

Monday, March 3, 2008

STAPLE 2008! Flickr set

I've posted my photos. Check them out. Another great year! Thanks to Uncle Staple, all the comic book creators, and volunteers who made it possible.

See you next time.

Blood, Love, and Evil from The Fiction Circus

The Fiction Circus wraps up Staple! here, at, and manages to thank NOBODY.

Remember us? Perhaps you threw away one of our complementary wish-tampons later that evening?

But we had a good time, and you MUST know what we thought. Our thoughts are not cheap, but our stories are freeeeeeeee.

Speaking of, we have now also opened submissions, if you are a dedicated writer who is good and not bad. We are the best fiction magazine there ever was, and you would be honored to let us publish you. People we have already turned down so far: Joseph Heller, James Frey, Robert Jordan, Uncle Staple (ha, just kidding about that last one, but WE WILL GET TO IT).

Check out our submissions page on the site for guidelines. We hate to repeat ourselves.

New content every day! And all free, financed by porn you will enjoy.

Out of the Gutter pre-party & expo photos

Austin Books and Comics, thank you to your store and staff for such a fun party!

Staple! Thank you for such a professional expo and wonderful environment to stalk people.

Here are picts, go find yourself  in them:

See you next year, 
Justin C Gordon

Mangled STAPLE!

STAPLE was an absolute BLAST! I'm never let down by the experience. Here's a link to my flickr chronicle of the day's events.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I had a BLAST at Staple this year!

Rob Osborne, myself (Kristin Hogan), and Jason Chalker.

I had a great time at Staple this year.  THANKS CHRIS!! YOU RULE!!

I forgot to take my camera to the afterparty, so please, share your photos!