Tuesday, March 23, 2010

string #19

Now available for download — the latest issue of string, the regular anthology of comics from 7000 BC.

Download a PDF of string #19 and check out future issues every month.

(If the link for the PDF isn't opening the file up for you, it might work better to right or option-click and download it to your computer.)

Previous issues: string #1 | string #2 | string #3 | string #4 | string #5| string #6 | string #7 | string #8 | string #9 | string #10 | string#11 | string #12 | string #13 | string #14 | string #15 | string #16 | string #17 | string #18

Buffalo Speedway: Comicpalooza

Friday, March 19, 2010

And now the actual podcast of Spill.com's "League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen" as they cover the STAPLE! festival and admit to being slightly drunk while doing it. Check it out here.

A Video Look at STAPLE! by the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen

The funny-book boys over at Spill.com not only recorded a STAPLE! audio show (coming later today), but a video as well. Check out their look at the festival right here.

Monday, March 8, 2010


In the few brief hours of consciousness that are available to me right now, I would like to thank all the people that helped make STAPLE! 2010 the biggest and best we've ever had.

Thanks to our sponsors, Austin Books http://www.austinbooks.com/ and Rogues Gallery http://www.roguesgallerytx.com/ for all their support and providing our awesome guests, and Jim House at ECPrinting http://www.ecprinting.com for the gorgeous STAPLE! programs.

Thanks to those wonderful guests, Guy Davis Andy Runton, Chris Schweizer and Jason Neulander of (the Intergalactic Nemesis) for the most entertaining and informative STAPLE! panels to date.

Thanks to the fantastic and dedicated staff:

Randy Lander for his guidance, promotion, guest interviews and hard work. Careful with those girl drinks, man.

Manton Reece for maintaining the website, handling a variety of technical issues, and always coming through in a pinch. I will make sure you get reimbursed.

Allison Andrews for the volunteer coordination, awesome graphic design, running errands and general sassiness. Great job, kid!

Mercedes Martinez and Zachary Kent of Dial A Stranger http://www.dialastranger.com/ for recording our podcasts, running our sound, moderating panels and other duties too numerous to mention. I love you guys.

All our awesome volunteers for your hard work at the show - couldn't do it w/o you!

All our amazing STAPLE! exhibitors for bringing their incredible talents and creations to the world. You are why I do this! http://www.staple-austin.org/exhibitors/

Franklin BBQ for the tastiest and smoothest post con dinner ever!

Kevin Peake, DJ Digg, DJ LD, DJ Net Wt and Ricky Valenzuela for getting together the always awesome Live Art Show!

KOOP Radio for all their support and getting out the word. 91.7 FM - don't move that dial!

The LEOG crew for the moral support and having me on not once, but twice! Y'all are the best!

Tim Harrison for getting me on KEYE - that was awesome, man!

My old buddy Todd for flying down from New York just to help out - now we're square, bro. Can't wait to see the documentary. Docu-comedy, more like!

Erik Stewart from the Art Institute Comic Book Society for their tireless promotional efforts. You guys are on point!

Derek Lackaff of UT for spreading the word and collecting the data. Can't wait to see what you got man!

Deb and Tony at the Monarch Event Center (now called Marchesa Hall and Theater). You guys did a great job and really pulled it out in the face of a lot of difficult situations. Great working with you and look forward to doing so again.

And OF COURSE each and every one of you who came out to the show. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and will be back in 2011!


Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas

Staple 2010 video

Hello independent comic enthusiasts,

The following is a internet digital video of STAPLE! 2010 available for viewing and also listening.

Comment please. I am lonely.

-Dave Sherrill

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Geek Bombast's Staple Episode is online!

Hey Everyone,

John Sitton from the podcast Geek Bombast here. I just wanted to let you know that we posted our newest episode, which was recorded at Staple! There are a bunch of interviews in the episode, and I think it's a lot of fun (though I may be biased).
Here's the episode description:

The gang decided to record this week’s episode at Staple! Come listen to interviews and discussions with such people as Paul Benjamin, Aaron Bir, Joe Eisma, Dave Justus, Tim Doyle, Jason Neulander, Scott Hinze, Paul Hanley, Cyrus of The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast, and Chris “Uncle Staple” Nicholas!

Give it a listen: http://www.geekbombast.com/?p=368

Saturday, March 6, 2010

TNM in Full Effect!

Hey Staplers!
You know The New Movement by now. We're Austin Improv classes, we're austin comedy shows and we're totally going to have our own table today at the festivities. We'll have schwag to throw around and we'll even trade your email address for a pair of free tickets to any of our shows. We can also chat about whatever you like. Some of our favorite chat items today will be: professional wrestling, anarchy, canvas bags and lunch.

But we also have shows Wednesday-Saturday at 9:30p. (Our Wednesday show is 100% free, just arrive early). Thinking about learning how we do this stuff? That can be free too, just come any Wednesday at 7:00p!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Space-Gun Studios and Ruby Caston at STAPLE!

Space-Gun Studios is hitting the road again for this year STAPLE! We'll all have copies of our books from ICBW (Jake Ekiss with Soloman Azua, Matthew Warlick with Senryu, Paul Milligan with God of Rock, and the anthology One Night Stand that we all participated in). Vinh-Luan Luu will have his new pinup book "Gun Gals | Blade Babes: Vol 2" as well as Gun Gals | Blade Babe t-shirts! And Evan Bryce will be on hand with some wicked paintings and his own sketchbook "Roman Thug Life".

Sitting with us will be artist Ruby Caston, she'll have her sketchbook on hand for sale along with prints!

Bear Quest debuts at Staple!

Bears No Limit!

That's right! 80 pages of bear-mauling and 8-bit video game chaos all packaged and ready to go.

Come to Table 69, Gnourg Press, and check it out. I'll have the book, posters, and FREE little stand-up bears so you can play along at home. Head over to the website if you want a head start on the madness!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Gold County Paper Mill's Table at STAPLE! 2010

This upcoming weekend will be the third year in a row that the Gold County Paper Mill will be at STAPLE!

We'll have a lot of great stuff, including:
  • T-shirts screenprinted by Jak Cardini and Sarah Cassidy with our owl god (viewable [and purchasable!] on our etsy)
  • The Gold County Paper Mill Presents the DVD (viewable on our etsy), a collection of live performances and videos featuring Jak Cardini, William Cardini, and Dr. Chuch (some of which can be watched either here or here), and an interactive version of the comic Impossible Objects, where William Cardini illustrated lines from Jak Cardini's poetry
  • Print versions of the Impossible Objects comic
  • Jak Cardini Achieves the Narratological Singularity and There Is a Mars, two poetry chapbooks by Jak Cardini
  • Swimming at Work, a collection of short fiction by David Fullen
  • Screenprinted posters of William Cardini's one-page comic WITCH ATTACKS (previously published online at hahaclever.com) done by the super-talented Rand Renfrow
  • Other digital prints of two of William Cardini's one-page ATTACKS comics
  • Masks, TRANZ, and Froghead Hangover, three minicomics by William Cardini
We're also going to be splitting our table space with the greeting cards and fabric art of Glade Whitworth. We hope to see y'all there, we'll be at table 51A, right by our buddies the Poopsheet Foundation and the League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen. Also, when you check out the STAPLE! Program Guide, be sure to look for William Cardini's two-page comic alongside all the other talented creators!

Here's a short William Cardini comic to pique y'all's interest:

Shamanman #2

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Manly Swag!

I'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for this shameless bit of self-promotion...

Howdy folks! Just thought I'd stop by and give you a sneak peak at some of the goodies I'll have available at Staple! this year (click the images to see them larger)...
Flying Tiger T-Shirts   Manly Art Nouveau

... and lots more! I'll also be taking commissions for drawings. I'm Manly Art at table 6 in the auditorium. Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 1, 2010


STAPLE! gets listed on io9.

New West premieres at STAPLE!

New West, the latest series from Panel Press, will make its first appearance at STAPLE! We'll have the first issue of this post-apocalyptic western with a sense of humor at the 7000 BC table.

In a harsh, future western US, years after California has dropped off the map, a stranger rides into town — with trouble on his mind and a plan for vengeance. Download the prologue and stop by table #16 in the auditorium to check it out.

STAPLE! This weekend! Programming! Podcasts!

STAPLE! This weekend! Programming! Podcasts!

We’re only a few short days away from the Sixth Annual STAPLE! Independent Media Expo! That’s right! The festivities start THIS weekend!

As always, we’re kicking things off in style with the traditional pre-party Meet and Greet at Austin Books and Comics, 5002 North Lamar Boulevard, this Friday, March 5th at 8pm. This is a great chance to chat with all your favorite STAPLE! Guests and Exhibitors in a casual setting at one of the best comic shops in the country.

Then Saturday morning, March 6, it’s STAPLE! Doors open at 11am, the show ends at 7pm and there’s great Programming all day! It starts off with two Q&A sessions: Guy Davis (BPRD, The Marquis) at noon, Andy Runton (Owly) at 1:30. Next up is a presentation by Chris Schweizer (Crogan’s Adventures) entitled “Twenty Common Cartooning Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them”, at 3pm. Last, but certainly not least, at 4:30 it’s an amazing performance of The Intergalactic Nemesis: The Living Comic Book – must be seen to be believed!

As if that weren’t enough, the party keeps on going that night at the Shangri-La, 1016 E 6th St. (just EAST of I-35) with the STAPLE! After Party Live Art Show and benefit for KOOP Radio, with DJ Digg, DJ LD and NET WT! Doors at 8, show starts at 10pm.

And if you just can’t wait for all the fun, then check out the STAPLE! Podcast page http://www.staple-austin.org/podcast/ where we’ve just posted FIVE brand new interviews with Guy Davis, Andy Runton, Joel Watson (Hijinks Ensue), Chris Schweizer and Jason Neulander (Intergalactic Nemesis), and get a little preview of all the great stuff coming up at this year’s STAPLE!

See you at the show!

Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas
http://tinyurl.com/yhw2h6n (Facebook)

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo is the Southwest’s premier event for independently produced comics, zines, art, animation, games, crafts and more! The SIXTH annual show will be held on Saturday March 6th, 11am-7pm, at the Monarch Event Center, 6406 North IH-35 Suite 3100, in Austin, Texas. Admission is still only $5.00!