Friday, December 18, 2009

Table Sharing

I've opened a discussion topic about table sharing on the STAPLE! Facebook page, located here.

Waiting List

Tables sold out in record time this year - I believe this is the first time ever they've all gone befroe Christmas! If your registration is received now that tables are sold out, you will be sent an email asking if you'd like it returned to you or have it put on the waiting list in case of a cancellation. Payments will not be deposited unless a table becomes available for you.

Thanks and best of luck!

Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey y'all! Tables for STAPLE! 2010 are now sold out! This is the earliest we've ever done it. If you wanted one but didn't get it we're really sorry - better luck next year! Any registrations received at this point will be added to the waiting list in case of cancellation.

Thanks everyone and best of luck!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Improv Class discounts for the Staple! Community!

Staple friends and family!
Uncle Staple has been learning improv comedy at The New Movement (ask him about it!) and you can too. See below for our fancy holiday offerings...


There was this time when we got an improv class as a gift and it was a wonderful gift. It’s right up there with Super Mario Bros 2 (Aunt waited in line all night) and a spoiler for my high school Mustang (seriously). Give us a call and we’ll set you up all nice with a card and gift certificate for your new best friend.

Our teachers have years of professional experience…
…performing in the country’s most prestigious comedy festivals, running workshops at some of the country’s most well-known venues and training at comedy institutions in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and beyond.

More information is this-a-way! (Mention Staple and we'll discount the mess out of your certificate)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Andy Runton at STAPLE!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Andy Runton will be appearing at STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo!

Andy is the creator of the breakout all-ages series of graphic novels, Owly, published by Top Shelf, which features a kind little vegetarian owl who's always searching for new friends and adventure. Relying on a mixture of symbols, icons, and expressions to tell his silent stories, Runton's work showcases both his gift for characterization and his love of wildlife and the outdoors. His animated and heartwarming style has made him a favorite of both fans and critics alike. The Owly series has earned him multiple awards including the Howard E. Day Memorial Prize, the Harvey Award, two Ignatz Awards, and the 2006 Eisner Award for "Best Publication for a Younger Audience". He currently resides in the greater-Atlanta area, where he's working full-time on the next Owly graphic novel. For more on Andy's work visit:

Andy will be joining Guy Davis (BPRD, The Marquis) as a featured guest at STAPLE!

Our Exhibitor list has been updated! To see more of the great artists and creators that will be at the 2010 show check out the Exhibitor Page

Now you can follow STAPLE! on Twitter @staple, or become a fan on Facebook at

Want to help promote the show? Go to to grab some handy buttons to add to your website.

Looking forward to seeing you the show!

Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas (Facebook)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

string #17

Now available for download — the latest issue of string, the regular anthology of comics from 7000 BC.

Download a PDF of string #17 and check out future issues every month. This issue sees the continuation of Courtney and Jeff's Peoplings, Dale's The Dead Rez, Bram and Caleb's New West (see below to download previous issues), a new Otis story from Jamie, and a true story from Chuck's wife, illustrated by Danny.

(If the link for the PDF isn't opening the file up for you, it might work better to right or option-click and download it to your computer.)

Previous issues: string #1 | string #2 | string #3 | string #4 | string #5| string #6 | string #7 | string #8 | string #9 | string #10 | string#11 | string #12 | string #13 | string #14 | string #15 | string #16

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guy Davis at STAPLE!

Hey everybody!

We here at STAPLE! HQ are very pleased to announce that Guy Davis will be appearing at STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo!

Michigan artist Guy Davis has been working away in comics since 1985 on a variety of titles from his creator owned books Baker Street and The Marquis; to company series including Sandman Mystery Theatre, Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules, The Nevermen and The Zombies That Ate the World. Other works have included conceptual design for role-playing games and multimedia projects, including designs for the animated television pilot for The Amazing Screw-On Head and animated comics for both the Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy 2 DVDs.

Currently Guy is the artist on Mike Mignola's ongoing B.P.R.D. series (work which won him a 2009 Eisner Award for Best Penciller/Inker), along with continuing his creator owned series The Marquis for Dark Horse Comics.

Guy is a great artist and a personal favorite of mine, and we’re all very excited to have him as our guest. For more on his work visit

We’ve got more big announcements coming soon, so be sure to keep checking for all the exciting news!

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo is the Southwest’s premier event for independently produced comics, zines, art, animation, games, crafts and more! The SIXTH annual show will be held on Saturday March 6th, 11am-7pm, at the Monarch Event Center, 6406 North IH-35 Suite 3100, in Austin, Texas. Admission is still only $5.00!

Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas

Monday, October 19, 2009

STAPLE! 2010!

STAPLE! 2010!

Hey Everybody!

Just a couple quick announcements of very important information. The sixth annual STAPLE! Independent Media Expo is ON and scheduled for March 6th, 2010! It will once again be held at the lovely Monarch Event Center in Austin, Texas.

PODCASTS! If you missed ‘em at last year’s show, be sure to the visit Podcast page at the website – - to check out two of our panel discussions from the ’09 show: Episode 10 - The “Joys of Independence in Multiple Mediums Panel” featured Zachary Kent, Paul Czege, Will Terrell and Leo McGovern sharing their insights into self-publishing in audio, games, comics and journalism, and Episode 11 is a Q&A with Special Guest Stan Sakai. We’ll be posting Jeffrey Brown’s Q&A panel real soon and adding more great interviews and content throughout the year for your listening pleasure.

TABLES! Exhibitor Tables are now available! You can get yours by visiting the Registration Page at We’ve expanded our floor plan at the Monarch and squeezed in a few more spots, but we still expect them to go really quickly. So don’t dawdle if you want to be a 2010 STAPLE! Exhibitor!

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

Chris "Uncle Staple" Nicholas

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo is the Southwest’s premier event for independently produced comics, zines, art, animation, games, crafts and more! The SIXTH annual show will be held on Saturday March 6th, 11am-7pm, at the Monarch Event Center, 6406 North IH-35 Suite 3100, in Austin, Texas. Admission is still only $5.00!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

24 Hour Comics Day 2009 in Albuquerque

24 Hour Comics Day 2009 | Sat. Oct. 3-Sun. Oct. 4 | Noon-Noon | Harwood Art Center | 1114 7th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM

24 Hours. 1440 Minutes. 86,400 Seconds. Be a part of 24 Hour Comics Day 2009 — accept the challenge to create 24 consecutive comic book pages in 24 consecutive hours. Come to the Harwood Art Center and join 7000 BC and thousands of artists of all skill levels from around the globe in this annual celebration of comics creation. It's a creative exercise that will test your stamina while teaching you what you're capable of.

This event is free and open to all ages (with parental permission for minors) — to register, send Jeff an email or call him at 505-262-2952. No experience or special skills required, just bring your papers and pens to New Mexico's only 24 Hour Comics Day location in 2009!

Thanks to our sponsors: Harwood Art Center, Sol Arts, Winning Coffee Company, and La Montanita Co-Op

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

West Texas Comic Con

Hello Friends!

To anyone that is looking for another comic book convention this fall, the West Texas Comic-Con is Saturday November 7th. Tables are very affordable and traffic has been VERY good at our last two shows. Visit our exhibitor section to download a creators table application. Deadline is October 10th, and we expect to sell out quickly!

HERE are some photos from our last comic book convention in May.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

string: Bubonicon 41

For the sci-fi convention Bubonicon 41, where Everything's Better With Zombies, 7000 BC has produced a special edition of string.

Download a PDF of string: Bubonicon 41 for a truly alternative look at the walking dead.

This special, limited edition of string will be available at 7000 BC's table at Bubonicon, August 28-30.

Friday, July 10, 2009

the front view: Wrath -- Justin C. Gordon

the front view: Wrath -- Justin C. Gordon

Finally, my short story "Wrath" about the Morton Salt Girl,  the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, and a Preacher worried about keeping his job has been published at The View From Here Magazine. Please read it and tell me your thoughts.

Come out tonight!

to Cafe Caffiene and more great events all July long!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

string #15

Now available for download — the latest issue of string, the regular anthology of comics from 7000 BC.

Download a PDF of string #15 and check out future issues every month. Included in this issue of personal visions, we're joined for the first time by Mayhem and Maureen — and Josh checks back in from … wherever his travels are taking him these days.

Previous issues: string #1 | string #2 | string #3 | string #4 | string #5| string #6 | string #7 | string #8 | string #9 | string #10 | string#11 | string #12 | string #13 | string #14

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bear Quest

Hey! My comic Bear Quest is a celebration of bear murder and 8-bit pixel art!

(these are thumbnails of the first 4 pages)

It has been going for about two months now at my site! Up to 16 pages this very moment, and updating every single Tues and Thurs until I go insane. So go check out the rest!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Part-Time Comic Creators Share Their Stories in New Podcast

What happens when two comic creators team up to share their ideas? No, we're not talking about the latest hero-inspired silver screen summer blockbuster. We're talking about Keith Quinn, founder of Local Heroes™ and Anthony Rezendes, owner of Cranium Comics™ and their new joint venture, the Part-Time Comics podcast.

The idea for Part-Time Comics began as a conversation between both Quinn and Rezendes over lunch earlier in the year. They were already sharing their indie web and print comic publishing experiences with one another, but felt their discussions had broader appeal.

"We talked about our creation processes, and how we've tried to be successful without quitting our day jobs," said Quinn. "Creating a podcast that could potentially help other people trying to accomplish similar goals, while also driving the two of us toward our own goals, seemed like a great idea."

The podcast centers around both Quinn and Rezendes developing their own projects while gearing up for the 2010 Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin, Texas. Because each is pursuing their goals a little differently, they each hope to shed some light on two distinct avenues for success.

"Something like this is great for me because it helps me stay on track so far as meeting my goals" Rezendes said. "Also, it's easier if you have a 'spotter'—someone who can keep you focused and on task as they are going through the same sorts of things. I think Keith and I can provide that for each other."

Discussions topic will include size and format of comics, web sites, printers, distribution, and marketing techniques, all from a "do it yourself" perspective. The underlying idea of taking the financial bootstrapping approach—essentially creating something with no financial resources from external investors—appeals to both of them.

"For the time being, we realize we're not going to be making much money off of our efforts, if any," Rezendes said. "Right now, it's about following your passion, doing what you love, and making time for your ideas to help them grow."

The first Part-Time Comics podcast was released on Friday, June 12, with a new episode to be shared every other Friday thereafter. New episodes will be shared through and iTunes as they become available.

About Part-Time Comics
Part-Time Comics is a bi-weekly podcast from Anthony Rezendes and Keith Quinn, two guys who create comics while still trying to keep their day jobs. New episodes are shared every other Friday. Listen in at,, and iTunes. For more information on Part-Time Comics, go to

About Keith Quinn
Keith Quinn is an MMOG game designer, web designer, and illustrator. In his free time, Keith creates the comic strips Local Heroes™ ( and Playtime Projects™ (, and the Heroes Incorporated® comic book. For more information on Keith and his projects, visit

About Anthony Rezendes
Anthony Rezendes is a senior interactive designer for a non-profit organization. Besides also being a freelance graphic artist, Anthony co-created the Brawn™ comic book. For more information on Anthony and his projects, visit

Cranium Comics is a trademark of Anthony Rezendes. Hurm, Local Heroes, Playtime Projects, and Heroes Incorporated are trademarks or registered trademarks of Keith Quinn. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

string #14

Now available for download — the latest issue of string, the regular anthology of comics from 7000 BC.

Download a PDF of string #14 and check out future issues every month. In with all the other independent comic goodness, Circe presents the first part of her first story, Dahlia contemplates a tattoo, and you, too, can learn how to make a voodoo dollie.

Previous issues: string #1 | string #2 | string #3 | string #4 | string #5| string #6 | string #7 | string #8 | string #9 | string #10 | string#11 | string #12 | string #13

Friday, May 1, 2009

string Free Comic Book Day 2009 Edition

Now available for download — the Free Comic Book Day 2009 Edition of string, collecting comics from the first 12 issues of 7000 BC's monthly anthology.

Copies will be given away at Free Comic Book Day events at Comic Warehouse and Lobo Anime (where Pete and Paul will be doing sketches) in Albuquerque, and at True Believers Comics and Gallery in Santa Fe (where there are bound to be some members just hanging around).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Improv class tonight @ The New Movement

Hey guys, Chris Trew here. You may have seen me at Staple doing some comedy this past year or as Terp 2 it at the Red 7 after-party doing some Nerdcore hip-hop. Or maybe none of the above. Maybe we'll always be strangers. That's okay, I guess. But tonight...

Tonight I'll be teaching a free improv class at my new place, The New Movement, at 7:00p. Tami Nelson and myself have toured the country teaching and performing improv and we're setting our new shop up in Austin and you're invited.

All curious parties are welcome to drop by tonight - there's a sexy rumor going around that Uncle Staple might be there. Our real 8 week improv course starts this Monday at 6:00.

1819 Rosewood Ave
next to Nubian Queen Lola's Soul Food

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thanks (and my STAPLE! report to the indie roleplaying game design community)

Hi all,

If you're interested, my STAPLE! report to the indie roleplaying game design community is here.

And also I just want to say thanks. Danielle and I had a great time at STAPLE!. (Thanks as well to everyone who came to the "Self Gratification" panel. I had great fun doing it.)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

STAPLE Art for for Charity

Hey folks,

I'm offering some unsold paintings I did at Staple and this past weekend's New Orleans Alternative Media Expo. All of the money is for an outstanding charity too! So, some background on the purpose and the cause, I'm riding again in the BP MS 150 from Houston to Austin and raising money to help fight MS. I'm a bit behind on my goal of raising $2000 so I thought I might offer up some original art if anyone was looking to put some weirdness on their walls. Please check out the following pieces.

Email me (toby at ithinkican dot com) if you are interested in one of them, or maybe request a commissioned piece? Standard donation for one of the 8x5 watercolors has been $65. Please pass this on to friends and strangers alike...

To make a donation online, visit my personal donation page. REMEMBER: Email me if you'd like a particular piece reserved.

Early and ongoing treatment with an FDA-approved therapy can make a difference for people with multiple sclerosis. Learn about your options by talking to your health care professional and contacting the National MS Society at or 1-800-FIGHT-MS (344-4867).

Our postal address is:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
733 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Friday, March 20, 2009

New fiction collection and contest!

It's my extreme pleasure to announce that my first collection of horror shorts is now available for pre-order from Thunderstorm Books. Broken Skin collects fifteen of my darkest tales, including nine brand new stories, one of which is the novella Deeper Waters. Broken Skin is a limited edition harcover available on a pre-order only basis between now and May 1st.

For a little extra incentive, Thunderstorm Books is sponsoring the "Personal Injury" contest. Everybody who pre-orders the books is eligible. Once a week, Thunderstorm will draw from the names of those who have reserved copies. Each winner will star in a short story that will appear exclusively in there copy.

Copies available for pre-order from Thunderstorm books and Horror Mall.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

STAPLE Report, plus a radio interview!

Hi all, Chris Ruggia of here!

I had a wonderful time at my first STAPLE, which was also my first convention appearance of any kind, and for what it's worth I have posted a brief report at my Live Journal.

But my "big" news for today is that Marfa Public Radio will be interviewing me about my comics this coming Tuesday (March 24) on their "Talk at Ten" show. The show is about 20 minutes long, and it comes on just after the 10 am newscast (central time).

If anyone's interested, their stream is available at

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

string #12

Now available for download — the latest issue of string, the regular anthology of comics from 7000 BC.

We had issues for sale at STAPLE!, and we've been posting them regularly here — download a PDF of string #12 and check out future issues every month. In this one, the latest Peoplings, ruminants, enlightenment, and Danny with The Funniest Frickin’ Comic Strip in the Whole Damn Universe.

Previous issues: string #1 | string #2 | string #3 | string #4 | string #5| string #6 | string #7 | string #8 | string #9 | string #10 | string#11

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Geek Bombast talks (and shows) Staple!

Hey everyone, John here from the podcast group, Geek Bombast. We've posted quite a few bits of Staple material on our website.

In the latest episode of the audio podcast, we do talk a bit about Staple. You can find that HERE

We also posted the second episode of our video show, which is all about Staple. Included on the page are the full interviews we preformed at the show. You can find all of those videos HERE

Finally, we tried to record the Stan Sakai panel for those who may not have been able to attend. We were only able to record about 27 minutes of it before they ran out of tape, sadly. However, what we did record can be found on our VEOH page. You can view the video HERE

Hope you enjoy!

We had a lot of fun at Staple '09 and can't wait till next year!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

STAPLE! T-shirts

Have quite a few left over. Most men's sizes and L and XL in women's. If anybody wants one drop me a line.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Great STAPLE!

Was it really just last week? Thanks to Uncle Staple and all the organizers, other exhibitors, and everyone who came to the show.

7000 BC's second STAPLE! was an amazing time. The crowd that comes to this show is always terrific, and we always wind up meeting some great people.

Possibly did even worse than last year documenting this, but a few photos below (click for larger); our friend Rob and our neighbor Jennifer on the end there.


And I've got my microsecond of fame in the video, scratching my nose.


Internationally infamous podcasters The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen set up at STAPLE! this year to interview creators varied and sundry. The first intallment of these interviews are now online!

More to come!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awesome show.

Staple! '09 was great! Mucho thanks go out to all.

Am I the only one who thinks Staple! is ready for a full weekend?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Randy Lander's con report:


more pics...

here by John Sitton of Geek Bombast. They also got some video that will be up on their site soon enough, by gum!


Toby Craig has posted his pics from the show.


The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentleman, that is! And what that is is a very excellent comics related podcast on which your's truly Uncle Staple had the pleasure of participating in recently. Follow the link to hear it.

Leon of LEOG helped us out by moderating Jeffrey Brown's Q&A at STAPLE! and The League also set up at the show and interviewed a bunch of the creators and exhibitors that were on hand. Look for recordings of those coming up soon.

Ans as they say - Long Live the League!

Two nice write ups...

by Tron and Ninja Mike of Cyber Monkey Death Squad, filed under Rants and Raves.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Best. Staple. Ever.

PS, I don't normally look this insane. I'm a little bit drunk, and a whole lotta happy.

Thanks from the Feeps

I've been at every STAPLE! since its inception, and this one was the best yet! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and took home a feep, or grabbed a few stickers to pass on to their friends. Hope to see you all again next year! In the meantime, you can keep up with the feeps' exploits at The Daily Monster.



Fantastic experience

Thanks to everyone we met and just everyone! The place was so good-vibes! It is a joy to be part of this very Austin-bunch.

We launched our "World of Almost-Real" there on Saturday. Smiles and "go for it" energy just poured out to us.

Uncle Staple and your troops: all stars! Hugs, Allee Blatner.

Friday, March 6, 2009


All of us over here at The Gold County Paper Mill are super excited about STAPLE, here's what we'll have for y'all tomorrow:


From left to right:

Hyperbox #1-3 by William Cardini

Jak Cardini Achieves the Narratological Singularity by Jak Cardini, book design by Paul DeVay

TRANZ by William Cardini with assistance from Glade Whitworth

Masks by William Cardini

Coyote by The Medicine Men (Dr. Chuch and Davehat)

OMNI by William Cardini and Lanneau White

Impossible Objects #1 by Jak Cardini and William Cardini

See y'all there!

RHD debuts at STAPLE!

Greetings! My name is Jose Esquivel and this will be my first time attending STAPLE this year. I will be debuting my comic book, RHD, and my art book, Jose's Sketchbook. Hope to see everyone there!

Click on the images to see some sample pages.

Reinhard District #1
Story and Art by Jose Esquivel

Jose's Sketchbook Vol. 1
Art by Jose Esquivel

Last-minute Additions to the 7000 BC Table

We've arrived in Austin — and so has our checked luggage of 7000 BC comics.


The printer came through at the last minute, so we have two more sketchbooks from Jamie Chase to go along with the one we announced earlier. Heroes/Villains and Beasts are slimmer volumes, $3 each. Interested in all three? Let's call it $10 for the set.


We also stopped by Jeff Benham's on the way to the airport — he's passed along a few more copies of some of the hand-made comics that were so popular at STAPLE! last year. And we'll have copies of Peoplings, his new project with Courtney Angermeier.

Ready for STAPLE!

hey folks, Joe Eisma here! Tomorrow's the big day! This will be my second year exhibiting at STAPLE! and I'm totally stoked. I'll have plenty of my wares on hand, including my graphic novel from Devil's Due Publishing: Serpo, my mini-series from Viper Comics: A Dummy's Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea, and my short story Dodge's Bullets, published in Image Comics' Dynamo 5 #18. Preview pages from my upcoming book from Outlaw Entertainment, We, the People will also be on hand.

I'll also have sketchbooks and prints on hand (like the one included in this post) and I'll be doing sketches throughout the day. I'm at table #20A, and I hope you'll stop by and hang out for awhile!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fanboy Video's Staple Flashback Finale

Fanboy is proud to finish off it's Staple Coverage with two anthology videos with more interviews from Staple 2008.

You can also see all the videos from Staple 2008 on this playlist. Thanks to all the people we interviewed, we'll see you at Staple 2009.

My Checklist for Staple!

Hi folks! I'm Keith Quinn, creator of the Local Heroes and Playtime Projects strips. For the second year in a row, I'll be at Staple!, and boy, I'm excited! I want to make sure I bring everything I need for a successful show, but time's running out. What I need is a checklist to keep me from frantically gathering the goods at the last minute or, even worse, forget to bring something important.

First thing's first, let's make sure I have my "convention basics":

  • The goods
    • A big stack of Local Heroes #1.
    • Two or three copies of Heroes Incorporated #1.
    • A big stack of Playtime Projects Temporary Tattoos.

  • Hand-outs
    • A stack of flyers. (Special note: The backs of my flyers double as sketchcards!)

  • Cash
    • I need to make sure I can make change for any customer that needs it. It's especially important to bring plenty of singles and a scattering of change.
    • Receipts.
Whoa, whoa whoa...I'm already forgetting some important things. Don't I want my table to look nice? What if someone wants a sketch on those sketchcards?
  • Table supplies
    • Table cloth. (I picked up a nice disposable one from Target!)
    • Character standees and price list.
    • Napkins/paper towels.
    • Tape, rubber bands, big clips.
    • Scissors (That table cloth is probably bigger than I need).
    • Garbage bags.

  • Art supplies—got to have something to use on those sketchcards!
    • Pencils, pens, sharpies, markers, etc.
    • Erasers.
    • Pencil sharpener.

If I bring nothing else, at least the basics are covered. But I can do better. I want to make sure I capture some promotional moments as well as some great memories. And I probably want to make sure some personal comfort is accounted for.

  • "Capture the moment" gear
    • Camera (with fresh batteries!).
    • Flip camera (also with fresh batteries).
    • Extra batteries.
    • Autograph book.

  • Comfort
    • Bottled water.
    • Small snack.
    • A table partner—great to spend time with (and to watch the table when you have to step away!).
Whew! I think I'm set...for now. In the future, especially if I were to have a larger table, I might also include more books and other merchandise, and maybe even sketches and portfolio pages for fans to flip through.

Am I missing anything? What do you have in your convention checklist?

Books about boobs & rollergirls for sale!

Hi Staple! fans! Monica Gallagher from here! Come on out and see me at table 45 in the Hall (next to Stan Sakai -- eee!) for some books, prints, and t-shirts for sale! Here's a sampling of the fun you'll find ...

T-shirts! Skate love and skate sex for all the rollerderby fans out there ....

Comics! Stories about autobiographical moments, greek myths, models killing people as a side job, and rollergirls dealing with the tedium of their day jobs ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Space-Gun Kru at STAPLE!

Hey everyone, Space-Gun Studios (Jake Ekiss, Evan Bryce, Vinh-Luan Luu, and Matthew Warlick) will be back at STAPLE! this year with the Synesthetic Anthology, Real Magicalism, our sketchbooks, and original art. We had a blast last year and wil be looking forward to Saturday. Come visit us over at tables 1, 2, and 3!

We'll be at the after party as well hopefully kicking out some live art. Come up and say hi, we love meeting new folk.

another (late) coloring

Jamie Chase Sketchbook Premieres at STAPLE!

Available for the first time anywhere, a new sketchbook by Jamie Chase.

Jamie's the creator of Muse and the illustrator on Death, Cold As Steel and The Darkness From Warsaw, as well has having his own career as a modernist figurative painter. Some sketches are development for other projects, others are just for the fun of it — only $5.


And I'm one of the folks quoted in the STAPLE! article in Decider. Cripes, I sound stilted, but hopefully welcoming. So stop by the 7000 BC table in the auditorium and check out the wide range of offerings from northern New Mexico.

Please do ask questions — and if I actually start talking like I did in that quote, like I'm trying to be your self-help guru or something — just dope-slap me.


The Anthropology of Comics

These guys contacted me and wanted to let you know about their research project. Sounds really interesting!

E.J. Ford, PhD, Dino M. Leto, and Sherman Chow

Email: schow480(at)gmail(dot)com

Purpose: We are interested in learning about how comics are made: the whole process. We want to follow a comic from when it is created all the way through the publishing and distribution network until if finally finds a home in a collection someplace. We want to learn about what comics mean to each of the links in the chain. We want to learn about literary or artistic influences on both the creative talent that works on a book as well as the editorial staffs that preserve continuity in long-standing series. We also want to learn about the business of comics – who is paid, how much, what the comics industry is worth these days, and so forth.

If you are interested in participating: Just email Sherman Chow - schow480(at)gmail(dot).com. He will send you more information about the project, including specific questions we are interested in asking as well as details about the schedule of research we hope to complete. We will come to you at your convenience and you will be granted complete anonymity while participating in our research.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manly Art!

Vader Leia Death Star Run
Cosmic Girl Betty Page 1923-2008 All Hands on Deck!
The Monarch! Hank & Dean Brock

Here's a few samples of things I'll be selling at Staple!. I'll also being doing sketches and custom Moleskine notebooks, and will have prints of some of my pin-ups available. Click on the images to see larger versions and read the descriptions. See you Saturday!