Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Anthropology of Comics

These guys contacted me and wanted to let you know about their research project. Sounds really interesting!

E.J. Ford, PhD, Dino M. Leto, and Sherman Chow

Email: schow480(at)gmail(dot)com

Purpose: We are interested in learning about how comics are made: the whole process. We want to follow a comic from when it is created all the way through the publishing and distribution network until if finally finds a home in a collection someplace. We want to learn about what comics mean to each of the links in the chain. We want to learn about literary or artistic influences on both the creative talent that works on a book as well as the editorial staffs that preserve continuity in long-standing series. We also want to learn about the business of comics – who is paid, how much, what the comics industry is worth these days, and so forth.

If you are interested in participating: Just email Sherman Chow - schow480(at)gmail(dot).com. He will send you more information about the project, including specific questions we are interested in asking as well as details about the schedule of research we hope to complete. We will come to you at your convenience and you will be granted complete anonymity while participating in our research.

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