Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awesome show.

Staple! '09 was great! Mucho thanks go out to all.

Am I the only one who thinks Staple! is ready for a full weekend?


Uncle Staple said...

Thanks Kennon! Always great to see you there.

A lot of folks have mentioned it over the years, but I hesitate to go to two days for a few reasons. These are they:

1. I'm not entirely convinced there is yet enough audience to support 2 days. There may be enough folks in Texas that would like to be there, but the logistics of travel in our grand and enormous state is certainly a prohibitive factor in getting them there.

2. Costs. It would cost STAPLE! and everyone invloved along the lines of twice as much as what it does now to do it. 2 days of venue/table rental, extra night of hotel, extra day of meals. B/c of reason #1 it would be less likely that we'd all make back our expenses. It wouldn't be so bad for local folks but traveler's would be harder hit, and one of our express principles is to keep everything as affordable as possible.

3. I would die. You don't want me to die do you? As you may imagine it is a lot of work to do this - Saturday was about a 21hr day for me - and everyone that works on it is a volunteer, including yours truly. I couldn't ask people to commit that much time and I don't personally have the energy for two days in a row like that.

Really, I wish every day was STAPLE! (except for the 21hr part) but I feel like we may have to wait a while for that. I'm not going anywhere, are you?

Kennon said...

Makes sense.

Will Terrell said...

What?! I thought it was a two day show? No wonder the crowd was light on Sunday? ...and kept giving me odd looks.