Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two parties, Live Art, Scooter Raffle!!!

Hey everybody! Here's some info about TWO EVENTS this weekend you REALLY should attend:

FRIDAY, July 25 - Party at Austin Books!

Sans Diego CC Par-tay
This is the first year in the last five that AB owner Brad Bankston will not be attending the San Diego Comic Convention. And he feels a little left out. So, how about a party?

This Friday, from 7pm-11pm, join us in the friendly confines of Austin Books for a SDCC-style throw-down. We'll have free beer, free food and loud, geeky conversations. (Trust me, this is just like SDCC... except there you have to pay for the booze and grub.) No expensive hotel reservations or plane ticket required.

We'll even have artists and writers in the crowd. Stop by and meet Rob Osborne, Ryan Yount, Paul Maybury and many more. (Uncle Staple will most def be there!)

SUNDAY July 27 - LIVE ART SHOW & Scooter Raffle!!!

On Sunday, July 27, from 4:00pm–10:00pm, 91.7 FM-KOOP Radio will be holding a party to raffle a Scooter Revolution scooter at the United States Art Authority located at 2908 Fruth St, behind Spider House Café. The scooter to be raffled gets 85+ miles to the gallon, is inexpensive to insure, and incurs low maintenance costs. Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets and the party will benefit KOOP Radio in its efforts to rebuild after the arson in January.

KOOP Radio's Raffle Party will be an afternoon of great entertainment, including performances by Austin bands The Bellfuries, La Snacks, Peel, and Foot Foot, and LIVE ART sponsored by STAPLE!, featuring Sam Hurt, Paul Maybury, Kennon James, Kevin Peake, Thomas P. Reidy and Kristin Hogan.

The event includes raffle drawings for 1) a a 150cc Scooter from Scooter Revolution, 2) one year of free rentals at I Luv Video, 3) a complimentary comedy class at the award-winning ColdTowne Theater, and 4) a gift certificate to Spider House Café. The event is free for those that have already purchased raffle tickets (available online at, and $5 at the door for those that haven’t.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any scooter parties over here in the east Texas area? I would love to attend.
If you have never ridden in the East Texas area, there are some great back roads nice curves and scenery.