Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's okay if you want to read this.

Staple! is easily one of my favorite shows, and the missus and I are eagerly looking forward to attending again this year! Well, I am at least. She's looking forward to dropping me off at the convention center as early as possible before savoring the numbing combo of boutique hopping and prescription cough syrup. In my defense, she knew that she was marrying a guy who had contributed cartoons to Swank before the wedding, and she went through with it anyway. Whatever, I don't care.

This year at the show I hope to have copies of the issue of Mad with my comic strip, Unpleasant Aftertaste Comics, but I'm not sure it will have been released by then. If not, I still have other copies of Mad, plus some National Lampoon books, copies of Hustler Humor (not sold to people under eighteen, but they can flip through a copy for two dollars) and my cartoon collection, Dammit! I Swallowed Another One! I'll also have copies of a new book, more of a booklet sort of thing really, titled VooDoo Tampon. This will be a convention-only special with a couple of dozen or so cartoons that make a genuine attempt to be unsavory, including the cartoon that the then Cartoon Editor of Hustler told me was "too gross" for any of the Hustler line of magazines (to be honest, it's not really THAT bad; maybe they were having an off day?).

The truth of the matter is that a little of me, and my material, goes a long way, so that should be plenty to keep you busy. If you'd like to take a gander at my cartoons, and thereby make the wise decision to make a wide berth around my table at the show, allow me to direct you to www.kitlively.com. Thankyou for your time.

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