Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red Handed Studios confirmed!

Hey folks! I just got my confirmation email and invite to this blog so I figured why not come on over and introduce myself! My name is Cary Kelley and I'm the writer/creator/letterer of a book called Fallen Justice that we're publishing under my new home, Red Handed Studios. The book features art by Harold Edge, who broke into comics with Sixgun Samurai by Alias comics, and the stunning colors of Ross Hughes. It's seven issues long, published bi-monthly starting in February, and is already getting good reviews! Check out what Project Fanboy had to say here: Fallen Justice #1 review. Here's just a sample of Harold's work on one of the promo pieces he's turned in:

To see more of the great art work as well as learn some more about the story and characters, head on over to our website, Red Handed Studios.com

We'll have the first issue ready to go for STAPLE! and we might go ahead and print some advance copies of issue 2 as well as a bunch of other cool stuff! Can't wait to see you there!

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David said...

Hey Cary! Welcome.