Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First time at Staple!

Hello, Paul Maybury here.

Some of you might know me from various Image anthologies such as the 24seven series, Popgun, put the book back on the shelf and Wicked West 2.

I'm also the artist and creator of the soon to be released Aqua Leung from Image comics, and a member of the online webcomix collective, and was featured on

I'll be attending Staple with fellow ACT-I-VATE member Nikki Cook, and Chemistry Set writer Steve Goldman. Come find us and say hello!


David said...

So Nikki will be there? Awesome!

Paul said...

She will indeed be there. We don't know what we'll be selling at the table, but most likely some form of our AIV work.

Randy Lander said...

Paul, I can't wait for Aqua Leung! The story in Popgun was great. See ya at STAPLE!

Paul said...

Hey thanks Randy. I honestly had no idea Popgun was going to go over so well. Keep your eyes peeled for my stuff in the next two volumes.