Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Old-school Staplehead

Just posting to say hi. This will be my fourth STAPLE! (year one | year two | year three) I'm looking forward to seeing Paul Maybury, Nikki Cook, Danielle Corsetto, Joe Eisma, Rebecca Hicks, Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey, Brian Wood, Joshua Boulet, Mike Lagocki, Uncle Staple, Rob Osbourne, Kit Lively, Dylan Edwards, Thomas P. Reidy III, Paul Benjamin, Dana Place, Paul Milligan, David Sherrill, and everybody else I can't think of off the top of my head.

I have two new graphic novels available this year: Karma Incorporated, Vol. 1 and Astronaut Dad, Vol. 1 -- plus, plenty of preview art for vol.2 of both series and a sneak peek at my next big project: Bolivar.

Check out my website:

From Dallas to Austin, much love for I-35.


Chris said...

And Uncle Staple will be happy to see you too, Dave!

Unknown said...

looking forward to hanging with you too, david! i can't wait to see the astronaut dad vol. 2 preview art!

MightyMangler said...

I should ALWAYS be off the top of your head... or IN YOUR EYE!!

heh... see what I did, there?