Sunday, January 20, 2008


This will be my first time at STAPLE! and my first time in the fabulous city of Austin. I'd like to hear from some STAPLE! veterans out there . . . what can I absolutely NOT miss on my visit? 

I'd especially like to know the best place to get coffee in Austin. I'll be doing an overnight flight out of San Diego, so I'll need me some caffeine. My weekend needs to be good to the last drop 'cause I don't want to miss a thing. 

Rebecca Hicks


Anonymous said...

Depends on how long you'll be in town, really. The pre-party and after party are always great fun. If you get an extra night, you can catch a ride downtown and listen to music just about anywhere.

As for coffee, a lot of folks seem to enjoy Epoch ( I don't think it's too far away from the hotel, but there's probably something closer.

Chris said...

I second that. Epoch is Uncle Staple's regular sittin' spot. Good coffe, friendly folks, one of the closest independents to the venue/hotel.

I'd also have to urge you to have some BBQ and/or Mexican food while you are here. Austin pretty much can't be beat on those.

Uncle Staple

Bram said...

Appreciate you sharing your thoughts — we're also traveling in from out of town (though we'll have a little more extra time), and looking for input on what to do.


1. At the show hotel, how far are we from "downtown" and the music scene?

2. Any specific recommendations for where to go once we're there?

3. Best places for BBQ?

4. Where will the pre- and after parties be?

5. Any other things not to be missed in town? Museums? Comic shops? Cool neighborhoods?

Thanks much.

Chris said...


1. not too far. 6th Street, where most of the bars and clubs are downtown, is about 5 miles staight down I-35, then just to the West of the highway.

2. Red River crosses 6th and has a lot of the places i prefer for music - Emo's, Beer Land, Club Deville, the 710. Check the Austin Chronicle online for complete music listings. Most of the rest of 6th is a bit fratty and meat markety for me. It's kind of like a less concentrated form of Bourbon Street, without any jazz.

3. Wow, that's a tough one. Art'z Rib House is one of my faves. It's a ways down South Lamar but it never disapoints. Ruby's on Guadalupe is closer in and also very good, as is Green Mesquite on Barton Spings. The County Line is also top notch, though a bit out of the way. Kinda hard to find bad BBQ here, really.

Austin has a ton of good restaurants, of course, and as I've learned a wealth of really good breakfast joints. I'll rattle off a few recommendations: Austin Diner, Kerby Lane, Omelettry, Magnolia Cafe, Red River Cafe.

If you're not from Texas you've probably never had a breakfast taco. That's basically a tortilla with eggs and stuff in it. It's cheap and awesome. You can get them pretty much all over, but a lot of the Mexican places are closed on Sunday mornings, so you might have to hunt, but it's well worth it. Taqeuria Arandas is one of my faves and they have several locations. Cisco's Restaurant Bakery & Bar at 1511 E 6th St is an Austin landmark.

Crap. Now I'm hungry.

4. Pre-party meet and greet is Friday night at Austin Books, 5002 North Lamar. free beverages provided by the shop ;)

We're putting together a live art show, which has become a staple of STAPLE!, for the afterparty. Just booked Red's Scoot Inn at 1308 East 4th Street, for the occasion. It's tucked away on the East of I-35, opposite "downtown", so we'll provide a map on the flyer we make for it. It's a bitchin' little dive bar with an enormous outdoor area that we're going to invade. Hopefully we'll have nice weather - March is always unpredictable. For that matter, Texas weather is always unpredictable.

Except in summer. Then it is hot.

5. I haven't been to the new Blanton Art Museum, but I'd love to check it out. Supposed to be awesome. Couple of cool free ones on UT campus, too. The "Drag" - Guadalupe Street - runs alongside UT and has some cool little shops. Zilker Park down off Barton Springs Road is the city's largest park and is very attractive. If it's open you can jump in Barton Springs down there for a icy cold swim. Hiking and biking on the Greenbelt is a very popular local activity, if you're into that sort of thing. There's a lot more here than can be taken in over a weekend, so don't try to do everything.

For comics I'm going to have to recommend our sponsors, Austin Books and Rogue's Gallery. They are among the absolute finest purveyors of graphic storytelling media anywhere on the planet.

Bram said...

Thanks for the info -- a big help!.

MightyMangler said...

If you on or around 6th street you HAVE HAVE HAVE to go to Amy's Ice Creams on West 6th and Lamar. It's a staple of Austin were you get a show AND some damned good ice cream!

Look me up at STAPLE and it'll be my treat!