Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Darkness From Warsaw Premieres at STAPLE!

The Darkness From Warsaw, the latest release from Panel Press, is now available

Haunted by something he found — or that found him — during the war, an old friend of Estelle White's is back. And now his survival depends on her experience with the extraordinary and the resources of the nascent Special Qualities Research Laboratory to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious forces at work.

This supernatural thriller combines WWII history with fantasy in a world where there's more than even the super-science of 1946 can explain. A standalone story featuring Estelle and Norris from Panel Press’ Death, Cold As Steel, including development sketches and alternate covers from artist Jamie Chase.

Stop by 7000 BC's table, #18 in the auditorium, and check it out. Say "Norris sent me" and take it for five bucks! You can preview a few pages at ComicSpace.

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Uncle Staple said...

oooh, neat. this looks like it's right up my alley. save me one!