Wednesday, February 18, 2009

News from Lobster Land!

A little update from the good people at the Maine Comics Arts Festival:

Maine Comics Arts Festival guest update: Kean Soo, "Jellaby" creator

We are very pleased to announce that Kean Soo will be among our special guests for the Maine Comics Arts Festival. Kean is the creator of "Jellaby" which is one of our favorite books at Casablanca Comics. He also is an assistant editor of the popular "Flight" anthologies from Ballantine Books.

You can read all about Jellaby at the Secret Friends Society:

Visit Kean Soo's website:

"Jellaby Volume 2" will be out just in time for the festival. We can't wait!

We have also started to update our guest list on the blog and website. We are approaching a sellout within a week or two at this rate, plus we have more special guest invitations out there.

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