Monday, February 9, 2009

TRANZ by William Cardini

Hello y'all, it's William Cardini from the Gold County Paper Mill. I'm working on a new comic called TRANZ that I plan on having ready for Staple 2009. I started drawing it with Faber Castelli markers but now I'm going to do the whole thing in india ink with a 00 Windsor Sable Watercolor brush. Here's the old version of the cover:


The idea is to do a lot of one to four page comics that depict a single transformation governed by a concise action verb. Here's an example page, called "Melt":


I'm doing the comic this way to practice my craft. Every page will be six panels - I've already cut the pages and drawn the grid with a pencil. I'm trying to explore transformation and repetition through the medium of cartooning. I'm really excited about this project, and I hope y'all will come by our table to check it out.

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neil-brideau said...

This looks like an exciting book, William. I'm totally gonna have to check it out.