Thursday, February 19, 2009

Austin, TX, here I come!

I am so excited to be coming to STAPLE. This'll be my first time at the show, Austin, or Texas! I can't wait to meet a brand new group of independent creators and publishers. I'll have a bunch of books I'm really proud of, as well as free comics, buttons and stickers for folks.

What I'm most excited about is I'll be previewing my latest book, What is This? which will first be available in May, exclusively through Uncle Envelope, a subscription-based paper-arts service for kids . You can read the entire thing, or just glance at it, and I'll have information on how to subscribe to Uncle Envelope, so you can be the first to get the comic, and eleven other fantastic months of paper surprises through the mail by some really great names in comics, crafts, and children's literature.

Don't be bashful on the 7th, come up and say "Hi," even if you don't buy anything, we're sure to have a great conversation.

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