Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MascotWedding's Joy of Painting the Movie

This is Mac from Mascot Wedding. We'll have a table at Staple to meet people and sell our comics/stickers/shirts/whatevs. We've just made a video entry for the Alamo Drafthouse's new Filmmaking Frenzy. The competition was to make a trailer for a movie based on a TV show that has yet to be made into a movie. We chose The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Enjoy:

After you watch it, if you liked it, please take two minutes to go to the FF site, register a username, and give our short a high rating. There's a bunch of other fun videos in the contest too so check those out as well.

Regardless, please come by our table at Staple and say hello!


Anonymous said...

Dayam I want me some of that

Fanboy Video said...

I loved it I thought it was a ton of fun, also the title effects looked sweet.