Monday, February 25, 2008

Bramble Vine Comics table preview

Hello fellow Staple-ers. I am Nate Bramble and this will be my first year exhibiting at Staple. I self publish my own comic books out of Dallas and my work is mostly black and white funny cartoon short stories. On my web site, Bramble Vine Comics, I post pages from whatever book I am currently working on, scans from my sketchbooks and photos I take at the various cons I attend, but right now I want to share with you some of the things I'm going to have on hand at my table during Staple '08.

If you come by the Bramble Vine Comics stall you'll find all my recent books on sale. At Staple I'll be debuting a mini-comic called Gadgeteria #0. This is a preview book of my next comic book series and the first couple of stories out of that series will be in this mini. It tells the story of a private investigations firm set up to service all the online worlds popping up on the internet and the various community problems growing around them. Think "Tron" meets "Office Space". I printed these up just for Staple and I can't wait to see how people react to it.

I'll also have my recently self-published full sized comic Bramble Vine Comics #1. This book is hot off the presses, debuting just a few short months ago on Dallas area comic shop store shelves. It's a collection of silly short stories packed with humor about greed, the environment, con men and much, much more!

Another recently self-published mini-comic will be found at my table, Normal. This is a short, tragic story of a man who was cursed to never change throughout his whole life. This story is also part of the Synesthetic Anthology, a book of collected works from various Dallas area comic and cartoon artists.

I'll have a few more books of mine and some surprises at my table, so please come by and say hello!

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