Friday, February 22, 2008


"Everyone needs to post more stuff to the blog!" said Uncle Staple, so OK!

Hi, I'm Josh, and this is my second year at STAPLE. I have been doing webcomics since like 1997, and sort of live off them. I am an Austinite, having lived here for 11 years... a graduate of UT, a Riverside survivor, and fan of Fastball and The Small Stars.

Girly Is one of the 3 comics I'm currently working on. It's about cartoon relationships. It's hitting its fifth anniversary in April. I plan to celebrate by wearing a hat. If you like really organic cartoon art, an art form that tragically seems so dead these days, do consider checking it out. I'll be selling its first two collections at the con. There will be a third volume on the way once I figure things out.

I also do a comic called "Doctor Voluptua". As the title suggests, it's not exactly safe for work or kids or Canadians, so you'll have to go out and find that. I'll be selling a little booklet featuring that comic as well, printed at the local Alphagraphics. They're such good sports.

I do other comic-related things, but those two items are what I'll primarily be featuring at my booth. SEE YOU THERE GUYS.

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