Friday, February 15, 2008

COMIC BOOK COMICS #1 premieres at STAPLE '08!

Heigh-ho, Staplers! Fred Van Lente of Evil Twin Comics here! Just wanted to say that my partner in crime, Ryan Dunlavey, and I are psyched to see you all at our first-ever STAPLE... and we are 110% on schedule to have the first issue of our new series, COMIC BOOK COMICS, debut at STAPLE almost a full week before it shows up in stores!

As I told Randy on the STAPLE podcast earlier this month, COMIC BOOK COMICS is the inspiring, infuriating, and utterly insane saga of the American comic book industry, told in our award-winning ACTION PHILOSOPHERS style.

To wet your appetites, here's a page from one of the stories (click on it to view bigger image) exclusive to the STAPLE blog:

For the other 39 pages, check out CBC #1 at the Evil Twin table at STAPLE on March 1, and, of course, check out the EXCLUSIVE Comic Book Comics tale in the program.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Austin!


Chris said...

Really looking forward to this, Fred! I've quite enjoyed your both scholarly and humorous approach in Action Philosophers, and it's given me high hopes for Comic Book Comics. Thanks, too for participating in the podcast. See you soon!

Uncle Staple

David said...

You're not my mother, Fred, but I love you anyways.