Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Dummy's Guide to STAPLE!

hey there, Joe Eisma here. I'm a video game artist making my first foray into comics, and I'm totally stoked for my first ever STAPLE! this weekend. I'm looking forward to meeting Brian Wood and checking out what Kristian Donaldson has been up to. I'll also be glad to see my buddies Jake and Luan from Space-Gun, Pat Loika and John Sitton from the Bendis board, the Stumblebum crew, and writer extraordinaire, David Hopkins. And I look forward to meeting all the rest of the exhibitors and seeing what everyone's created!

I'll be at table 2B, in the auditorium, next to Viper Comics. Speaking of Viper, I'll have some preview art from my new series from them, A Dummy's Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea, which goes on sale mid-March. This is the sequel to the original series from Jason M. Burns, and it's a fun, twisted whodunnit set on the high seas.
Here's a look at the first issue's cover:

I'll have plenty of other eye candy as well, including a look at my sci-fi graphic novel, Project: Serpo. So please drop by and say hey!

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