Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monarch Fun

Hey everybody!  It's Kristin Hogan from Dead Squirrel Girl.  I work at Blue Genie Art Industries, and we held our Christmas Art Bazaar at the Monarch Events Center in December, so I was there all month.  The space is REALLY nice, the rooms are HUGE.  The people who run the place are really nice.  I thought I'd leave some tips:

-- bring something with long sleeves, there were days when i was really cold
-- there is a great thai place called Thai Village in the same shopping center, they have an inexpensive lunch menu.  There is also a Smoothie King next door.....mmmm smoothies.
--Jerry's Art-o-rama is next door, if you haven't checked out this  great little art supply store, you must check it out, they carry things you won't find at the corporate art stores (and notice their ridiculously large Little Jerry sculpture/sign -- a Blue Genie original)
--Office Depot is next door, for all your last minute needs, be aware they have one cashier for the entire store, expect to wait in line.
-- Also, there is a huge SPEC's nearby.  Or as we refer to it at Blue Genie "the alcoholic's wet dream"

Hope that helps y'all out.  I just got back from the Antigravity show in New Orleans, and it went VERY well, so I'm hoping for a rockin' Staple!

See y'all on Saturday!

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Chris said...

great tips Kristin. i haven't been to that Thai place yet, i'll have to check it out.

Spec's is indeed a drunkard's wonderland.