Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mike Baron at STAPLE!

Big Head Press is pleased to bring legendary comics writer Mike Baron to this year's STAPLE! Baron is the author of two graphic stories published by the company: The Architect, with artist Andie Tong, and the web-only story The Hook with Gabe Eltaeb. Baron will be on hand to autograph copies of his books and talk to fans.

Baron helped spark the first boom of independent, creator-owned comics stories back in the early 1980s when he co-created the Eisner-Award-winning NEXUS with artist Steve Rude. He has spawned other creator-owned titles (such as BADGER) and for years wrote stories for some of DC and Marvel Comics' company-owned characters including The Flash, The Punisher, Deadman, and various Conan-The-Barbarian derived titles.

Baron has recently reprised his original characters NEXUS, published by RudeDude Productions, and BADGER, published by IDW.